Porsche Macan Getting High-powered Performance Flagship: Report

Malcolm Flynn | Apr 17, 2012

Porsche is reportedly readying a niche-busting, twin-turbo flagship version of its upcoming Macan midsized SUV.

According to UK magazine Autocar, the turbo-badged model will pack upwards of 276kW of punch under its bonnet.

The powerplant is apparently expected to be a derivative of the 3.0 litre V6 that sees duty in Audi’s S4, but curiously shunning its 245kW supercharged induction, reportedly favouring turbocharging.

However, if the reported 276kW output proves correct, performance fans will surely be grateful.

The report claims that the twin-turbo version of the engine was developed in-house at Porsche’s R&D centre in Weissach, Germany, and will utilise two Borg Warner turbochargers and air-to-air intercooling.

The Macan’s Audi Q5-based architecture is a full category smaller than other dedicated performance SUV players, namely BMW’s X5 M/X6 M models, giving the reported Macan Turbo a niche of its own.

Lesser Macan variants are expected to use a variety of Volkwagen Group petrol and diesel engines, with the possibility of also using the recently launched Q5 Hybrid drivetrain in some markets.

2011 porsche cayenne official press photos 07
Power is expected to be sent to all four wheels on all Macan models, via a version of the Quattro system used in the Q5.

The Autocar report suggests that the Macan transmission options will be either seven-speed H-pattern manual or PDK dual-clutch units, which would be mechanically unique from the Q5.

Also expected to be unique will be the Macan’s dynamically-focused suspension and steering tune, with unique bushings, dampers, and geometry settings.

The Macan range will play an integral role in Porsche Chairman Mathias Muller’s goal to lift Porsche worldwide sales beyond 200,000 per annum, and is expected to be assembled alongside Cayenne and Panamera models at Porsche’s Leipzig factory.

Australia is expected to get its first taste of the Macan production model from early 2014.

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  • Roger says,
    4 years ago
    This watering down of the Porsche brand is interesting, and I dare say not well accepted at Porsche. I would rate Porsche as having one of, (if not THE best) reputation for reliability and durability and I think we can say VW and Audi do not have anywhere near as good a reputation in that area (recently at least). I know someone who has recently had high profile examples of both VW and Audi, and the stories he tells me do not sound good. Porsche's reputation is bullet proof every day driveability in a supercar and I would hate to see that vanish. Porsche is the only vehicle in that category I would purchase second hand (and am considering one now). If anybody has any adverse info I would love to hear about it.
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