Fiat 500T In The Works: Report

TMR Team | Apr 11, 2012

Fiat is reportedly preparing a new turbocharged variant for its retro-styled 500 family, with new emissions documents revealing the carmaker's plans this week.

The new model, listed in California Air Resources Board documents uncovered by Car & Driver magazine, will be known as the 500T Sport.

The documents suggest that the 500T will enter as a more affordable sports option below the Abarth variant, with power provided by a detuned version of the same 1.4 litre turbo engine.

There's little room to play with, however. In the Abarth, the small turbo mill delivers 99kW and 206Nm of torque, while the regular 500's two-cylinder TwinAir engine offers 63kW and 145Nm.

Expect the 500T to deliver similar power to the regular Abarth (the top-shelf Esseesse offers 118kW), along with the intercooler-accommodating snout, but without the sharper handling components and top-spec interior features.

It is also possible however that the 500T badge will simply replace the existing Abarth badge in the US market, which would then move to replace the Abarth Esseesse badge.

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