Peter Anderson | Mar 23, 2012

Eagle-eyed punters have become a headache for Infiniti this week, uncovering name registration applications for possible future Infiniti models.

Recent filings for the names G35h, G30t and G22d have got the car-spotters talking about the Nissan-owned brand's coming line-up.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to imagine what these new badges might represent.

The G35h is likely an even more powerful, hybrid version of the current G sedan. If it sports the M35h's petrol-electric powertrain, the hybrid G should go like a rocket.

The big M35h claims to cover the 0-100km/h run in 5.5 seconds, so an M3-scaring sub-five second run could be on the cards for the G sedan or coupe.

Its fuel economy won't trouble the Prius, of course, but that's a fair trade-off for the performance.

infiniti g37 sedan 01

The G22d is similarly self-explanatory and will likely be aimed at the European executive market, where small-capacity diesels such as those offered by BMW, Audi, Mercedes and now Jaguar dominate the market.

The curious filing - quite possibly a diversionary one - is for the G30t. The car world is racking its collective brain to find a Nissan/Renault unit that might fit the bill, with some reaching as far as suggesting a Daimler unit by way of the group's technical alliance.

If so, a G30t wouldn't hang around in showrooms for too long (or at the start-line).

Time will tell which, if any, of these model designations hit the road and whether they hit the road here.

Infiniti's 'return' to the Australian market is still in its early stages, but if these new badges are limited to the G sedan, it'll be the next generation models that we see here (we could see the turbo or hybrid in coupe form however).

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