2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK Revealed, No Debut For Australia

Mike Stevens | Mar 23, 2012

Mercedes' updated-for-2012 GLK midsized SUV has made its European debut this week, bringing revised styling, new features and new engines.

Local Merc fans hoping to plant the X3 rival in their driveway will be going without once again, however, with news that the update will not be offered in right-hand-drive.

Plans for an Australia-friendly GLK have been on the cards since its 2008 launch, but problems with adapting the all-wheel-drive configuration to right-hand-drive have moved Mercedes-Benz to write the project off.

Speaking with TMR today, Mercedes-Benz Australia's David McCarthy said that plans for a rear-wheel-drive RHD option have also been canned.

"A rear-wheel-drive version of the GLK was looked at for the right-hook markets, but we couldn't get it over the line," Mr McCarthy said. "We'll have to wait until the next-generation model."

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Right-hand-drive markets include the UK, Australia, Japan, South Africa, Indonesia and Thailand. BMW, Audi and Land Rover offer options in all of those regions.

The updated GLK will make its global debut at next month's New York Auto Show, where it will launch with an updated front end, a subtly revised rear and a host of new options.

Engine options will include four diesels and one petrol mill, starting with a 105kW 2.2 litre diesel and ranging through to the top-shelf 195kW 3.5 V6 diesel and 225kW 3.5 V6 petrol.

Merc's 7G-Tronic automatic transmission will handle gear-shifting duties, and features will include Attention Assist drowsiness dectection, Active Blind Spot Assist and Active Lane Keeping Assist.

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  • Poisson says,
    4 years ago
    I looked at one of the current model in the US last year - very nice car indeed. And (I believe) made in Germany.

    I need to replace my Lexus RX350 in the next year or so. The M class is a bit too big for my requirements (and parking space) and the forthcoming model is even bigger, so a GLK would have done me nicely. As it is I think my next car will be an X3, which is a (tiny) loss for Benz and a big step for me, who has always been a Benz and Lexus person.
  • Reece says,
    4 years ago
    "but problems with adapting the all-wheel-drive configuration to right-hand-drive have moved Mercedes-Benz to write the project off." - as if Mercedes wouldnt have the technology to be able to do this....what a cop out oh well their loss as this car would have done well in RHD markets!
  • Alan says,
    3 years ago
    I have just been to the Mercedes museum and saw the new generation GLK in all it's glory. I think the people at the top of Mercedes in both Germany and Australia are becoming a little too complacent. I was ready to order one with all the options and trade in my E-Class. As Reece said, they have the technology but it is just a cop out. The best way to lose customers Mercedes and you were doing so well redeeming your reputation and name. I guess being number 2 is something the people at Mercedes Benz are comfortable with. Maybe new management is required. Pretty disgraceful if you ask me.
  • James Deen says,
    3 years ago
    I've had 5 c classes and thought I'd wait for one of these for my next benz. The main reason was that we have a grand son now and I can't believe the amount of superfluous stuff we have to cart around. Not that big on going for the M series as that seems a bit of overkill and probably a lethal weapon in my wife's hands. This is all a bit of a pity as consumers have been loyal to MB but that doesn't seem to count for much ... every dog has his day I guess.
  • Adam says,
    2 years ago
    The way Mercedes treats their loyal customers is disgusting. I drove BMW's all through the nineties and early 00's and switched to a C class in 2005. Have recently upgraded to an E250 and am looking for an SUV for my retired husband. I want something small and the ML (the smallest SUV Mercedes offers in Australia) is too big for just the two of us. I would purchase one of these tomorrow if they were available. If Mercedes continues to act this way I'll be trading my E-Class in for a 330Ci (the car I originally wanted before purchasing my C-Class). I am trying very hard to be a loyal customer, but I think Mercedes believes they can pull the wool over our eyes and use cop outs such as it being 'too hard to adapt'. They've lost my SUV business as I will most likely be heading to BMW in the next coming months to purchase an X3. Disgraceful Mercedes, disgraceful.
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