NSW L-Platers Can Cut Logged Hours By Completing Driving Course

Mike Stevens | Mar 19, 2012

The New South Wales Coalition Government is set to follow through on its election promise to let learner-drivers cut 20 hours from their logbooks if they undertake a half-day driver safety course.

NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay said that L-plate drivers will have their logged training hours reduced from 120 to 100 if they successfully complete the non-compulsory course.

The course, which is under development now by a board of independent road safety experts, is expected to include a mix of classroom and driving components.

"Currently with 120 hours, there's lots of skills training but frankly there's no safety training," Mr Gay said. "We need to get that clear message about what a projectile a car is and how dangerous it can be."

"That is the most important message, and frankly it's a message that's not coming through."

He added that the programme is aimed both at ensuring learner-drivers are getting the best possible training, and also to minimise the potential for fake logbook entries.

The cost of the course has not been revealed, although Mr Gay said that it will be affordable.

"Further options to assist learner licence holders in remote, lower socio-economic and Aboriginal communities meet learner driver log book hours will also be considered," Mr Gay said.

Announced in 2010 as part of the Coalition's election campaign, the course was originally expected to be free, with insurance companies and other groups expected to contribute.

The programme's board is expected to announce its findings in August, with the course likely to launch later this year or early in 2013.

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  • Fred says,
    4 years ago
    1 like
    Such a driving course should be compulsory!

    Stop mucking around and teach the kids how to drive!
  • yonta says,
    4 years ago
    Some time ago i had occasion to sit in the passenger seat of a police car. (No, i was not arrested, and the car was not stolen). Before i could put my seatbelt on, the driver took off, sounding the "alarm" chime. The chime continued after i had completed putting my seatbelt on. I presumed that there was a delay in it's cancellation. Then i saw that the officer did not have his seatbelt on - at 100kph!!! In an 80 zone.

    I was alarmed - and scared. In the event of an accident, he could have become a 'missile' inside the vehicle, injuring (killing?) me. (The speed did not concern me).

    Does the same officer 'book' people for exceeding the speed limit while overtaking (by 10 or 20 or 30 kph or whatever it takes to get out and back in quickly ie. safely) , or 10 or 20 kph on straights on clear country roads?
  • edward says,
    3 years ago
    perhaps fred, we need a course for the ELDERLY to teach THEM how to drive properly
  • Luke says,
    3 years ago
    Any update on this course? dry
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