Mike Stevens | Mar 15, 2012

Pininfarina's space-age Cambiano concept, revealed at the this month's Geneva Motor Show, could soon be on the road for a deep-pocketed few.

The plug-in hybrid vehicle runs on four electric motors housed at each wheel, each providing up to 150kW each in sport mode, and a more modest 60kW in regular driving.

When the power of the diesel-fuelled turbine generator and electric motors are combined, Pininfarina claims a top speed of 275km/h and a 0-100km/h time of 4.2 seconds.

The diesel turbine puffs out a scarcely believable 45g/km of CO2, making it especially green even by plug-in hybrid standards.

Range is a claimed 500km, but as with many electric cars, this would be difficult to achieve if you were wishing to use the ample performance of the car's battery pack.

pininfarina cambiano concept 05

Speaking with industry paper Automotive News, the styling house's CEO, Silvio Angori, suggested that the more people who order one, the more affordable the car will become.

As something of a posh group-buy, if only ten were ordered (this seems unlikely), the price tag for each would be a fairly stiff €1m (AU$1.25m).

If the numbers reached 70-75, the company reckons it can lop 60 percent off that price and deliver it for €400,000 (a tick under AU$500,000).

With clever packaging and solid performance, it seems highly likely that European roads will see a good few Cambiano cars whirring around by early 2015.

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