Mike Stevens | Mar 13, 2012

Italian supercar maker Pagani has released a fifteen minute documentary about the development of its new car, the Huayra (pronounced "Why-rah").

Naming the great Leonardo da Vinci as inspiration, founder Horacio Pagani quotes the famous polymath by saying, "Art and Science are disciplines that must walk together, hand in hand."

The Renaissance was indeed a pivotal point not only in Italian history, but in human history also - so it's not a bad place to start.

Based near Modena, the carmaker has had a long relationship with Mercedes, specifically with AMG, from which the Zonda draws its powertrain.

Compared to the sobriety of V12-powered AMGs, the Pagani Zonda immediately raised eyebrows and many pens hit chequebooks for the wild race car for the road.

The great surprise of the Zonda was that it was so successful, so quickly, and after a few short years had found fame that companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini took years to build through their motorsport endeavours.

Pagani himself was a Lamborghini man, but obviously felt the world needed even madder-looking cars.

The beautifully produced documentary chronicles the birth of the Huayra, explaining how the car was meant to be different from the Zonda - less race car and more road car.

The path to life of any car is fascinating, but the insight to a supercar's evolution like this is a rare treat indeed. It's an excellent way to spend fifteen minutes, even if you're not a Pagani fan.

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