Peter Anderson | Mar 13, 2012

Reports from the US this week suggest that Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller has confirmed that the brand's reborn-550 speedster project is still an active concern at Zuffenhausen.

Named for the 550 Spyder made famous by James Dean (who called it 'Little Bastard'), the sub-Boxster droptop has been the subject of swirling rumours for years.

The last credible information was that the roadster was to be based on the mid-engine platform shown in 2009 as the Volkswagen Bluesport concept.

The numbers have ebbed and flowed since then, with reports last year that the Audi version had been canned, meaning that the business case for the other two was in trouble.

Speaking with American website MotorAuthority, Mueller said that a focus group had been conducted, and while he didn't share much on the results of that exercise, he did offer, "When is the right time? Now? Three years from now? Six or seven?"

Mueller went on to say that it is also a question of whether the Porsche brand could withstand a volume-selling, MX-5-sized roadster in the catalogue. In other words, does a brand that is far from struggling really need the 550?

Whatever the truth, the new 550 is at least three years away. With work stalled on the VW-Audi mid-engine platform, getting things moving again and a finished car on showroom floors, would take at least that long.

And so we wait...

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