Mike Stevens | Mar 12, 2012

Expect the logos on the next generation of car tyres to get a whole lot more colourful, thanks to a new direct-to-tyre printing technology revealed by Bridgestone.

Revealed at this month's Geneva Motor Show, Bridgestone's new printing tech takes the concept of whitewalls to a new level, treating the entire sidewall as a canvas.

The printing process includes three layers: the first layer protects the second-layer inks from discolouration, while the third layer works to save the print from becoming scuffed in contact with gutters and other abrasive surfaces.

If it makes the leap to wider production, the new technology could replace the current method of using white rubber in the company's tire-side logos and model names.

"This [existing] process requires the use of large amounts of white rubber to prevent discoloration and to also maintain durability. This conventional manufacturing process can also add additional weight to the tire," Bridgestone says.

Of course, the new printing method adds a new dimension to the realm of tyre logos, opening the door to full-colour branding, along with promotional campaigns for other companies, beyond traditional vehicle-body graphics.

Bridgestone has offered no word on a production future for the new technology, and it remains to be seen what sort of impact the printing will have on tyre costs - and your company's advertising budget.

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