Mike Stevens | Mar 9, 2012

Volvo has released details and a new videp clip for its clever external airbag system, set to feature in the carmaker's new Golf-fighting V40 hatch.

The new tech is the latest in a long list of safety innovations for Volvo, including the introduction of three-point seatbelts as standard equipment in the late 50s, and the development of the Side Impact Protection System in the early 90s.

In the upcoming V40, the first Volvo to feature the new system, the external airbags are fitted at the base of the windscreen, deploying across the surface of the glass when a pedestrian impact is detected through sensors in the front bumper.

The rear of the bonnet is also raised at the time of impact, working to slow the pedestrian's body as it moves along the surface of the bonnet toward the windscreen, lifting it toward the airbag.

The V40's safety suite will also feature a radar-driven Pedestrian Detection system, tied to a full auto-brake function.

Volvo's City Safety system has been upgraded, with the ability to detect a potential impact at speeds up to 50km/h - up from 30km/h in earlier versions.

Adaptive Cruise Control and Distance Alert will also feature, along with Road Sign Information for reading traffic signs, Enhanced Blind Spot Information System, Lane Keeping Aid, Park Assist Pilot and Driver Alert Control.


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