Maserati Levante Name Registered For New Medium Sedan: Report

Peter Anderson | Mar 8, 2012

Maserati has trademarked the name 'Levante,' according to reports out of Europe, suggesting that the brand's new sub-Quattroporte sedan is nearing its world premiere.

The Italian maker is known to have three cars in the pipeline, including an SUV based on the entertainingly-named Kubang concept, a new Quattroporte, and the as yet-unnamed and unseen mid size sports sedan that will go E-Class and 5 Series hunting.

The Levante name is most likely for that sub-Quattroporte midsizer, with Kubang likely to get a 'Cinqueporte' badge. And unless Maserati adds or removes several doors from the Quattroporte, that name should remain.

Earlier reports have pointed to the new medium sedan picking up its engines from Maserati's new American cousin, Chrysler, with its 3.6 litre Pentastar V6 engine likely to lead the way.

A 300kW turbocharged version of the engine is also reportedly in the works, giving the so-called Levante a performance-focused flagship model.

A 225kW turbo-diesel V6 is also rumoured, drawn from the Fiat side of the family.

It has been reported overseas that the new Maserati will feature an all-wheel-drive option, utilising the system that debuted recently with the Ferrari FF - the supercar company's first all-wheel-drive offering.

The sports sedan is due in 2014 after the new Quattroporte and the Kubang drop sometime in 2013.

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