Mike Stevens | Jun 24, 2008

That question, of course, refers to the world of pinstripes, which it seems is as much alive and well in the hotrod world as it is on three of the four suits in your wardrobe.

I've always had something akin to envy when it comes to the world of the hotrodding pinstriper. It's not just the car, after all. It's the mechanic shirts, the slicked back hair, the Betty Page imitator hanging off my arm, the pack of ciggies under the sleeve—though I suppose I'd need to take up smoking, or at least take up pretending.

Every time I watch Grease—alarmingly often—I'm reminded that Martin Sheen's wife in The West Wing used to be one tough broad for a future First Lady.

The folks over at the Tiki Lounge And Bar Blog have posted a great link to a Flickr gallery loaded with a selection of remarkably well created pinstriped and airbrushed 'rods. Check it out.

[via Tiki L&B's blog]

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