Mike Stevens | Feb 28, 2012

The design and engineering masters at Pininfarina have been teasing their latest creation in recent weeks with a drip-feed of close-up shots and vague details.

Now, with just a couple of weeks until its Geneva Motor Show unveiling, the Cambiano concept and all of its secrets have surfaced online.

Pininfarina's latest showcar is a handsome Jekyll & Hyke, delivering the appearance of a sleek sedan on the passenger side, while looking like nothing less than the traditional coupe from the driver's side.

Sound familiar? Yes, Hyundai's new Veloster hatch utilises the same formula, the unusual design developed to allow easy access onto the footpath for rear passengers.

Apart from that standout feature, the Cambiano is another otherwise regular looking, even production-ready, concept. There's a nose-to-tail panoramic roof, sitting above a realistic body on top of ready-to-roll alloy wheels.

pininfarina cambiano concept 05

The Cambiano's styling was developed by Pininfarina's new design boss, Fabio Filippini, formerly of Renault.

Power for the new Pininfarina is delivered by a set of four electric motors, one at each wheel, with energy drawn from both a battery pack and a diesel-fulled turbine arrangement.

Pininfarina says that while the diesel turbine might get detractors moaning, the small engine's carbon emissions are limited to just 45g/km - good enough for the future Euro 7 standard.

The advanced drivetrain gives Cambiano a claimed 0-100km/h time of 4.2 seconds, with a top speed of 250km/h and a driving range of 500km (although you'll need to keep the top-speed runs and acceleration sprints to a minimum).

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