Tony O'Kane | Jun 24, 2008

The rumourmill is slowly gathering momentum on the next Ferrari supercar, which pundits say will feature a 600hp mid-mounted V10 in a stretched F430 chassis with a total weight of just under a tonne.

Helping rein in those 600 ponies will be a host of downforce adding aerodynamic goodies developed from Ferrari's experience in Formula One. Engine and gearbox tech is also expected to benefit from the brand's F1 know-how, so prospective buyers can look forward to stratospheric redlines and blink-and-you'll-miss-them gearchanges.

According to Car And Driver, the new Ferrari will adopt a 'less is more' approach to performance by shedding weight instead of stuffing extra horses into the engine bay, but curiously the upcoming supercar will apparently be based upon a stretched version of the F430's extruded aluminium spaceframe instead of the much lighter carbon-fibre composite chassis of the Enzo. A technological step backwards you say? Perhaps, but we should find out in 2010 whether the relatively low-tech chassis design has got the goods to keep Ferrari at the head of the supercar club.

Even if it doesn't, the projected price will certainly keep the marque at the top of every oil sheik's shopping list. USD $500,00 is nothing to be sneezed at and will guarantee the exclusivity that the discerning multi-millionaire demands. So too will the fact that only 300 or so of these cars will be built once production begins in 2010. What will it look like? Nobody knows at the moment but styling is believed to be heavily influenced by the recent Millechilli concept and FXX Evoluzione, however the name is still a mystery and it won't take after either of those two cars. Better start saving.

[Car And Driver, image courtesy of Motor Forecast]

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