Ferrari 620 Teased Further: Video

Mike Stevens | Feb 24, 2012

Ferrari has released a new teaser video for its upcoming (reportedly named) 620 supercar ahead of its February 29 unveiling and Geneva Motor Show premiere.

This latest teaser offers a first look at the new car's uncamouflaged (and unpainted) body, revealing wide haunches, a long canopy and an upkicked rear deck. Everything you'd expect, then.

Entering as a replacement for the vaunted 599, Ferrari has confirmed the next-generation super tourer will be driven by an all-new V12 engine.

Power figures haven't been released, but an Aventador-rivalling 522kW is expected. It is believed that the new engine will displace 6.3 litres, likely making it an evolution of the new engine powering the Ferrari FF.

The new car could also pick up the FF's 4RM all-wheel-drive system, tucked away beneath a new alloy monocoque body.

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