Volvo V40 Revealed Further As First Interior Shots Surface

Mike Stevens | Feb 27, 2012

UPDATE: new images added February 27.

Volvo's new V40 five-door hatch has surfaced once more this week, with a handful of new photos appearing online. The new gallery also delivers a first look at the V40's interior.

Offering the sharpest look yet at the new hatch, these latest images reveal a sporty small car with Volvo's traditional grille design, backswept headlights, a panoramic glass roof and a high-set tailgate and taillight design.

Looking like an evolution of the V60 wagon and the high-riding XC60's styling, the V40 offers a preview of the Chinese-owned Swedish carmaker's future direction.

2013 volvo v40 official 14

As a new entrant in the small car market, the V40 will sit alongside the three-door C30 in the short term, with a new three-door V40 likely to debut in the near future. (C30? C40? The return of the S40 badge, on a hatch?)

Along with the wagon and the smaller three-door, a crossover compact SUV is also expected to figure in Volvo's small-car line-up, so keep an eye out for spy photos of a high-riding XC40.

Drivetrains for the V40 will likely include Volvo's new stop-start and rear-axle kinetic energy regeneration systems. Volvo says the latter technology can give the vehicle an extra 60kW of power when needed - depending on the model.

Watch for the new small Volvo to appear in Geneva next month.

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  • 5valvepercylinder
    5 valve per cylinder says,
    4 years ago
    Volvo got this right. Think this will be a very good alternative choice.
  • Smart us says,
    4 years ago
    ford focus
  • Kermit says,
    4 years ago
    I love this. The S60 is a great looking follow up to the XC60. Once the new C30 and XC90 are out I think Volvo will really build momentum.
    • super matthew
      Super Mattthew says,
      4 years ago
      Yeah agreed... appart from that weird Universe concept, Volvo has done no wrong lately
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