BMW Could Head List Of Saab Suitors: Report

Mike Stevens | Feb 22, 2012

The administrators charged with finding a new home for the now-bankrupt Saab brand and its assets may be in talks with BMW, if a report out of Europe this week is to be believed.

According to enthusiast site Saabs United, Saab's administrators have confirmed interest from six to seven parties, including the already-revealed Mahindra & Mahindra, China's Youngman, and the Turkish private equity firm Brightwell Holdings.

Also on the list, according to "strong indications from several sources" tapped by the fan site, is a European company located in Munich, Germany.

If the report is accurate, and if the unnamed company is a carmaker, BMW is the obvious bet.

With a new range of front- and four-wheel-drive platforms on the way, BMW is well-placed to put the Saab badge on a whole range of new and more affordable near-premium models.

The administrators also confirmed that the brand will not necessarily go to the highest bidder, but rather the buyer that represents the best chance for Saab to continue and its workers and suppliers to return to their jobs.

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  • Trollhȁttan says,
    4 years ago
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    Interesting that both Saab and BMW both have an aircraft heritage.
  • Martin says,
    4 years ago
    BMW taking over the helms of SAAB would be the best thing to happen to it after the neglect, starvation and mismanagement of GM, then the poor cash flow of Spyker. I have such a soft spot for SAAB and I really wish the best for them and not only because I would consider one in the future.
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