Mike Stevens | Feb 20, 2012

Rinspeed's Dock + Go system isn't a new iPod-charging accessory, but you can probably plug your favourite gadgets into it.

Creative freedom and urban utility is the big-picture goal behind the quirky coachbuilder's "backpack on wheels," and the Swiss tuner has teamed with the likes of audio specialist Harman to demonstrate its versatility.

Caught somewhere between trailer and pickup tub, the Dock+Go system transforms the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive into a six-wheeled ute.

Depending on its configuration, the Dock+Go can boost cargo space (a worthy consideration for ForTwo owners), along with providing its own power, thanks to its ability to accommodate a small combustion engine.

rinspeed dock and go 13

It can also be used to hold a larger battery pack, extending the car's driving range for cross-country trips.

Rinspeed sees the Dock+Go as the perfect option for small-haul delivery drivers, while entertainers and partygoers will be drawn to the concept's Harman "Sound" package, which features a full turntable and speaker setup.

Inside, the Sound concept adds a 12.1-inch touchscreen display, giving the driver the option to control the pack's external speaker system.

Rinspeed says that while the Dock + Go system is not a certainty for production, it's on the right track: "Yes, we have been in productive talks with potential manufacturers for some time now".

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