Mike Stevens | Feb 10, 2012

American all-electric carmaker Tesla has revealed its third new model today, in the form of the hotly-anticipated Model X seven-seater SUV.

Like the supercar-quick Roadster and the upcoming Model S sedan, the Model X is motivated entirely by an electric all-wheel-drive powertrain, with a motor mounted at each axle.

The Model X also debuts the brand's new "Falcon Wing" rear doors - a new take on the classic gullwing concept.

When opened, the centre-hinged doors and low floor allow an adult to stand in the middle row, while sliding seats allow easy access to the third row.

Energy for the Model X's electric motors will be provided by a choice of 60 or 85kWh lithium-ion battery packs, although specific output figures for the motors have not been revealed.

2014 tesla model x overseas 05

The Dual Electric Motor AWD system will operate in a similar fashion to most all-wheel-drive systems - detecting slippage and redirecting power and torque where needed - but Tesla says the twin-motor arrangement means there is less of a sacrifice in efficiency and acceleration.

Tesla says that, combined, the two electric motors will give the SUV a 0-100km/h time of 4.4 seconds - that's proper sports car acceleration.

Inside, the Model X will get a 17-inch touchscreen system, featuring driver controls, specialised phone-like vehicle apps, and internet connectivity. A panoramic roof will also be available as an option.

Production is set begin late next year ahead of an early 2014 launch, and Tesla is keeping much of the Model X's technical details under its hat until then.

Watch for more information to filter out over the coming year. Check out the gallery below for more details.

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