Mike Stevens | Feb 8, 2012

Update: late 2012 debut confirmed for Australia. See bottom of article.

Nissan has revealed its updated-for-2012 370Z at this week's Chicago Auto Show. Fans hoping for an extensive overhaul might be disappointed however, because this latest tweak is focused purely on the cosmetics.

The standout change is to the Z car's front bumper, which picks up a couple of styling cues from its 350Z predecessor.

The conversation-starting fangs in the grille have disappeared, with the bottom lip smoothed out across the length of the bumper.

The Z also joins the daytime-running lights brigade for 2012, with a pair of LED strips poking out of the newly-stepped bumper sides.

The rear bumper remains unchanged, as far as the Australian buyer will notice - although fans in the US will see that the red centre reflector standard in other markets is now fitted to their Z.

2013 nissan 370z overseas 07

The entry-level package picks up new 18-inch wheels for the US market, although Australia has offered the 19-inch Rays rims as standard equipment for sometime now.

Inside, the satin silver look of the fuel guage has been replaced with a new dark finish, and... well, that's about the extent of the changes in the cabin.

Mechanically, the 370Z remains unchanged for 2012, with the same 3.7 litre V6 delivering a plenty-enjoyable 245kW and 363Nm of torque.



Speaking with TMR today, Nissan Australia's Jeff Fisher said that while these changes are considered a 2013 model-year update in the US, "our model year follows more traditional timing. So we'll see most, if not all, these running changes later this year as our 2013 car."

Mr Fisher added that final details for the Australian-delivered update are being confirmed with Nissan's Japanese headquarters.


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