Mike Stevens | Jan 30, 2012

The Geneva Motor Show is one of the most important events on the automotive world stage, and as this year's show draws nearer, the rumour mill has kicked into overdrive.

New reports out of Europe this week have poured fuel on talk of Lamborghini's upcoming Aventador Roadster debuting in Geneva, along with a second new model.

While the USA's EPA has already let slip that a topless Aventador is on the way, details of the second new model remain unclear - although the safe money is on the popular Sesto Elemento making its production debut.

Lamborghini confirmed a production run of Sesto Elemento cars late last year, limited to just 20 units. Reports have also claimed that the 20 cars will not be eligible for road registration.

It is also possible however that Lamborghini will look to keep attention on the Aventador badge, revealing the Roadster and a special new version of the hardtop.

A new successor to the Gallardo is also possible, although it is unlikely that Lamborghini would force the topless Aventador to share the spotlight with an all-new car.

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