Mike Stevens | Jan 27, 2012

A new pair of TV commercials for next month's Superbowl halftime show have landed online today, with Suzuki's Kizashi replacing the husky-drawn sled and Audi becoming the chariot of choice for trendy vampires.

Audi's 60-second spot focuses on its signature LED headlights.

Describing the ultra-bright lamps as "daylight in a headlight," the commercial shows a blood-packing vampire heading to a party in the forest. When he arrives, well... we won't spoil the surprise, but we reckon you'll figure it out.

Suzuki's new Kizashi "Sled" ad marks the car's second appearance during the Superbowl advertising extravaganza, following on the heels of an 11 percent sales increase in the US market - led largely by the new midsizer.

The ad, developed by Siltanen & Partners, stars an eskimo that trades his sled (and some cash, we presume) in for a new Kizashi.

The campaign was developed to highlight the Kizashi's optional all-wheel-drive system, and continues on from the company's snow-themed commercials of 2011 and 2010.

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