Tesla Roadster Updated For Australia

Mike Stevens | Jan 12, 2012

Tesla's Roadster has come in for one final update before the company shifts its focus to the upcoming Model S sedan and Model X SUV - and its next-generation sports car.

On sale in Australia right now, the updated Roadster adds an infotainment system as standard, along with premium seats and Xenon headlights.

A rear snow cover has also been added, along with improved air-conditioning and enhanced front windscreen seals for a quieter cabin.

Tesla says it has also made improvements to the Roadster's motor and inverter systems, focused on improving performance on snow and ice.

Two new mobile charging connectors have been added to the options list, including the J1772 Mobile Connector that is compatible with most new charging stations in Australia, and the Tesla IEC Type 2 connector that works with Type 2 stations.


The updated Roadster is on sale in Australia now, priced from $191,888 - including GST & LCT, but excluding on-road costs.

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