Mike Stevens | Jan 12, 2012

Top Italian styling house Pininfarina is preparing a new concept for March's Geneva Motor Show to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Named in honour of the studio's home town of Cambiano, the special one-off is described as a sports sedan concept - and that's all the Pininfarina Studi e Ricerche office is giving up.

The company has released just the one teaser image for now, revealing Pininfarina's customary sharp styling and narrow LED headlights.

Pininfarina says the concept will mark not only the company's 30th birthday, but also the 10th anniversary of its engineering centre, which opened in 2002.

In recent years, Pininfarina has busied itself with projects for close partner Ferrari and the supercar company's parent, Fiat. It last wooed audiences with its Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta concept, although a production version has yet to appear.

The company also worked closely with the group behind the rebirth of the iconic Lancia Stratos - an association that also led to the project's demise, due to pressure from Ferrari.

Along with the Cambiano concept, we can likely expect Pininfarina's next big project to be the upcoming successor to Ferrari's Enzo hero.

Above: the Pininfarina-designed and engineered Stratos homage.
Above: the Pininfarina-designed and engineered Stratos homage.

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