2012 Dodge Journey Update On Sale In Australia

Mike Stevens | Mar 27, 2012

Available in Australia for a little while now, Dodge is now trumpeting the local availability of its updated Journey seven-seater.

For 2012, the Journey picks up the Chrysler Group's new Pentastar V6 petrol engine, a massively revised interior and the Dodge brand's redesigned "crosshair" grille.

On the outside, the 2012 Journey's updates are limited to the new grille, along with subtly revised bumpers, updated LED taillights and, for the R/T variant, new 19-inch aluminium wheels.

The entry-level SXT variant gets 17-inch aluminium wheels, along with heated exterior mirrors, halogen quad headlights with auto-levelling, integrated fog lights and the front and rear, and black side roof rails.

While the exterior might offer little to set it apart from its predecessor, the cabin of the updated Journey is a different story.

With new parent Fiat urging a boost in quality across the range, the Journey gets a completely redesigned dash, steering wheel and seats. Dodge also promises a significantly higher-quality feel to the 2011 model's interior materials.

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The 2012 model gets a new three-spoke steering wheel with audio and cruise controls and Chrysler's UConnect Touch media centre.

Standard features include tri-zone air conditioning, power-windows with auto up/down at the front and a power adjusted six-way driver's seat.

The R/T adds heated front seats, leather trimmed seats and, as an optional extra, a power sunroof.

Far from a mere styling and feature update however, the 2011 Journey is powered by the company's new family engine, the 3.6 litre Pentastar V6 petrol engine producing 206kW and 342Nm of torque in Journey form.

Both variants are available with a six-speed automatic transmission only.


  • SXT - $37,500 (+$500)
  • R/T - $43,500 (+$1500)

Note: all prices are Manufacturer’s List Price and do not include dealer delivery or on-road costs.

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  • paddy says,
    4 years ago
    Does the pentastar come in to replace the old 2.7 or is it available as an "extra"?
    • Mike Stevens
      Mike Stevens [TMR] says,
      4 years ago
      Hi Paddy,

      The Pentastar is now the only engine available with the Journey, to our knowledge. There is likely still some stock of the previous models, though.
  • Richard Schiffer says,
    4 years ago
    I drove the Journey yesterday. It had excellent power, excellent interior room, handled great. I found the control a bit confusing, the touch screen was good but would just need a bit of getting used to. The thing that stopped me from signing on the dotted line was that I actually watched the fuel gauge move quite significantly over a reasonably short drive....gulp. It would be great if these could have an lpg option in the future?
    • Damien says,
      3 years ago
      I have had a new my12 Journey for a few months. I have driven 3000 Kim's in that time with an average 14/100 Kim's combined. I travelled th first 1000 in hilly Coogee area and it returned 16/100. The 2nd thousand was country and returned below 8/1000, bringing the 16/100 down to 8.4 at the 2000km mark. It is fantastic on fuel for the size of the motor and has heaps of power. The vehicle is excellent to drive and the sound system is excellent. The touch screen doesn't tak ethan much to get used to. The fabric is also great and easy to clean. I have read that the carpet is tightly woven so that dirt sits on top and is easy to vac - important as I have three kids. Only thing I have noticed so far is that you can hear some of the power stearing hum in the cabin but that may not bother people. For the price, excellent vehicle and I would definitely buy one again. Cannot understand why Dodge does not advertise it more.
      • Leebee says,
        3 years ago
        1 like
        I was wondering how you're finding your Dodge Journey a few months on? How is the fuel consumption going and have you had any issues?
      • Rose says,
        3 years ago
        Hi, just wondering how your Dodge was going a year on. How are the brakes holding up? Also, was your motor the 2.7ltr or the 3.6ltr?

        Would you still recommened it to others?
  • Luke B says,
    4 years ago
    Is the new Journey AWD now?
  • Hemi V8 says,
    3 years ago
    I would Like to see a proper driven review of the updated Journey
  • Tegan says,
    3 years ago
    Can you put a tow bar on them if so whats the towing capacity??

    I wonder if the Journey will have just as many problems as my 2009 Dodge Nitro not even 3 years old and i have had nothing but problems with it.
  • Michael says,
    3 years ago
    any Dodge Journey AWD version coming to Australia in 2013?
  • Justin says,
    3 years ago
    Looking at the dodge journey to buy, can anyone tell me if it is a good decision. Hearing mixed things about this car. Are they expensive to service and repair?
    Cheers Justin.
    • Teena says,
      3 years ago
      We have a 2010 dodge journey sxt luv all the extra features that came with it eg best aircon setup for a 7 seater, underfloor storage ect. However we do find it gutless on hills & when towing. We have had new brakes at 30,000km which us normal!! & frustrating not to mention expensive $500!! Plus our gear box was faulty since new played up 6 times before dodge agreed to replace the gear box under warranty since then like new. We were tossing between a territory & the journey & decided the journey as it had more feature at the same price, a deso soon we now regret daily due to matinence & running costs eg brakes!! Over although it is comfortable.
      • Rose says,
        3 years ago

        We are looking at the Dodge Journey RT, 2013. I have read mixed reviews on the 2012 model. The dealer assures me that the brake problem has been fixed. I am still not entirely convinced. Has any one bought the 2013 model and noticed any brake problems. I have heard that people need to replace not only the brakes but the rotors aswell.

        My Husband & I feel in love with the exterior as well as the interior. It will be great for the kids to have the extra room.

        Hearing your opinion on this would be great, I dont want to buy a new car that starts of on the wrong foot.
        • Not happy says,
          3 years ago
          Do yourself a favour and stay clear of the Journey. They are a POS, the new model looks much nicer then my 2010 model, but after having the rotors fixed and new brake pads 12 months ago, I now need new rotors and brake pads front and back at $1000. Don't do it or be prepared to pay because it will cost you. I would wait 12 - 18 months to see what happens with them.
        • Pops says,
          2 years ago
          I am also looking at the 2013 Journey. I have also heard about the brake problem across the range. I really like the car and features. What worried me the most is that the salesman acted dumb and said he has never heard of any brake problems.
          I explained there is a whole forum dedicated to brake problems. SO, why not fix the problem??
          One person said they were going to get after market brakes. That should fix the issue.
          Can't understand why you would let a problem like that go on for so long and not do anything about it.
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