Mike Stevens | Jan 10, 2012

The Detroit Auto Show is a long way from Las Vegas' popular SEMA aftermarket tuning event, but Toyota has chosen Motown to unveil a hardcore new drift racing version of its Scion FR-S coupe.

Toyota is playing its cards close to its chest as far as technical details go, but it has confirmed one thing: there's no 147kW production four-cylinder in this thing, but rather the 447kW heart of a monster.

The car has been developed together with long-time partner GReddy, and while the identity of the engine is unclear, it could be a tweaked version of Subaru's EJ25 boxer engine - with the boost turned all the way up.

Mounted low on a set of RAYS alloy rims, the corner-attacking Scion - known in its Toyota guise as the new 86 coupe - gets a handful of aerodynamic add-ons, along with a stripped-out and race-prepped cabin.

Watch for more details on the FR-S drift car to surface as it nears its 2012 Formula Drift debut.

How long until we see 200, 300, 400kW examples of the new coupe on the international aftermarket scene?

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