Mike Stevens | Jan 6, 2012

Nothing says "recovering economy" like another supercar, and there's no shortage of sleek new concepts and production models appearing around the world right now.

The fastest growing new-car markets are in China and India, and while the former has yet to give the world a genuine supercar, India's DC Design is ready to at least look the part with its new Avanti sports car.

Revealed at this week's New Delhi Auto Expo, the Avanti wears the styling of a car that wants to be super, but with Ford's 186kW/360Nm 2.0 litre EcoBoost engine mounted midship and driving the real wheels - and a 0-100km/h time of "under seven seconds" - it falls a few seconds short.

DC says it will introduce a Honda-powered turbocharged V6 version down the line, and while there's little in the way of specifics, it says we can expect around 300kW.

The Avanti weighs in at around 1560kg - Gallardo territory, but without the big power to compensate.

"The Avanti is an ongoing culmination of all that we have learnt and we intend to give a sports car to a select new emerging breed of car buyers who value good taste without compromising on performance and who don't need to spend a fortune on making the adrenaline flow." DC founder Dilip Chhabria said.

The niche carmaker plans to deliver 200 Avanti cars in 2013, building to 1000 or more each year. It will be priced at 30 lahk rupees, or around $54,000 in Australian dollars.

[live photos via indianautosblog.com]

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