Mahindra Keen On Saab: Report

Mike Stevens | Jan 3, 2012

Indian giant Mahindra & Mahindra may be preparing to affix another jewel to its crown, with reports out of Europe this week pointing to interest in the bankrupt Saab brand.

According to business paper Bloomberg, sources close to the matter have confirmed that Mahindra is working to set up talks with Saab's court-appointed administrators.

Mahindra has declined to comment, although it is believed that the company is interested in buying at least part of the Swedish carmaker.

Whether it hopes to continue Saab's agreement with General Motors for licensed platforms and technologies is, of course, unclear.

The sources added that a Turkish company is also looking to invest in Saab, with the country's government apparently eager to establish a car brand of its own. Access to Saab's technology and manufacturing, at the right price, could prove appealing.

Above: the Mahindra XUV500.
Above: the Mahindra XUV500.

Saab filed for bankruptcy on December 19 after failing to secure an agreement with former owner and principal stakeholder General Motors for investment from Chinese companies.

While the forecast for Saab's future remains cloudy, the sun is shining on Mahindra, after acquiring a 70 percent stake in Korea's SsangYong in early 2011.

The Indian company is also preparing to launch its own Mahindra-badged XUV500 SUV globally in the coming year.

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  • super matthew
    Super Mattthew says,
    4 years ago
    First Volvo goes to China, now Saab might go to India... far out!
  • Teabag says,
    4 years ago
    Let's hope Mahindra do a better job than Spyker.
  • Jezza says,
    4 years ago
    Yeah I have a feeling the auto industry will be very different in 10-20 years. We might have a Chinese company as #1
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