2012 Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series Update Revealed

Mike Stevens | Dec 29, 2011

Toyota's gargantuan 200 Series LandCruiser has come in for an update in Japan, gaining a number of light styling tweaks and a handful of new driver-aid technologies.

On the outside, the 'Cruiser gets a meatier front bumper and new LED-loaded headlights, along with a subtly updated grille design.

Under the skin, Toyota has blessed the 200 Series with a new multi-terrain monitor that uses four small cameras around the body to display the outside environment on the dash-mounted screen.

There is also a multi-terrain select system that allows the driver to adjust the traction control and brake settings to suit the terrain, including modes for rock, rock & dirt, mogul, loose rock, and mud & sand.

A new turn-assist function has also been added, giving the giant wagon a tighter turning radius at very low speeds.


Toyota Australia has yet to confirm a local schedule for the updated LandCruiser. TMR has contacted Toyota for details; watch this space.

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  • Harry says,
    4 years ago
    We were doing a 2 months trip around the top end (middle 2011) and meet two new Toyota 200 series owners at the Lower Level Caravan Park at Katharine. Both had fuelled up on the Gibb River road with apparently dirty diesel fuel (the BP garage?) and this wrecked their engines as there is a major unresolved problem with the vehicle's fuel filters. One owner was near tears as he related his very expensive engine failure ($20,000) and the lack of support shown by the "Toyota's New Vehicle Road Side Service Warrantee". This event destroyed their family holidays and consumed all their finances. He did also say that he had the garage shut down. So wait for Mk 2 when all the bugs have been fixed?
    • Chris Fitzgerald says,
      3 years ago
      Are al the gremlins out of the new 2012 model ,as I am considering one.?
  • Mark Surman says,
    3 years ago
    I bought a second hand Sahara late 2007 VDJ200 123,000 km, after 2 weeks had a virbation though the drive train, thinking it's the tail shaft, went too a automatic mechanic for 4 days, finding it had a misfire, went toyota replace 2 injector's,now it has a turbo vein problem, I have had a 100 series turbo for 8 years and not a problem, I bought a LEMON.sad
    • andrew says,
      3 years ago
      1 like
      hi... i have read lots of comments on landcruisers, and often looked at "oh what a lemon"
      site to see what the latest complaints are!

      but even as the last comment in this site says he brought a lemon, i think everyone needs to be a bit realistic about what they are buying. After 100,000k there is usually a few things to sort, mainly depending on the vehicles previous history.
      I have a farm ute nissan patrol 250oook and goes fine because i look after it and am the original owner. My 2 imediate neighbours have 100 series cruisers both over 500,000ks no troubles... they too are the original owners.
      I did 100,000 k in a 200 series '09 without any issues, and have just traded to a new sahara and it is really the best 4wd you could get though i know too expensive. luxury tax etc.
      I had patrols etc before and they really are not a match for safety of the constant 4wd.
      The new 200 with 18 inch wheels has improved several issues it now goes into sixth gear at a lower speed and has improved on fuel consumption.
      i am getting 11.2 litres per 100 ks on average, country driving at the speed limit, which i feel is ok for a large car. If you can get hold of a good one i think you will have the best 4wd available
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