Tony O'Kane | Dec 28, 2011

According to reports in the Japanese media, Honda will now roll out a range of weight-saving measures for its next round of all-new models.

Vehicle bodies are now larger, stronger and safer than ever before. They're also much heavier than cars of years gone by, mainly due to the increased amount of steel used in constructing the chassis.

Many manufacturers are starting to use high-strength steels in critical parts of the car's frame, however Honda is also expected to start changing the way its vehicles are constructed to help shave even more kilos off the final product.

Instead of bolting exterior panels onto the chassis, Honda will instead weld these panels directly onto the car's frame; reducing the amount of fasteners and reinforcements used and thus lowering the car's overall mass.

More efficient designs for other car components will also reduce the amount of meterials used, as well as simplify production lines.

Honda's plan involves spending tens of billions of Yen to upgrade plants in Japan and overseas, with its smaller product lines the first to undergo the weight-saving initiative.

Honda's quirky N Box kei car (pictured) is the first model to feature the new construction techniques, and Honda says the new N Box is 10 percent lighter than its predecessor as a result.

Thanks to its simpler construction, the new N Box is also cheaper to build - something that Honda hopes will give it an edge in emerging markets like India and China.

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