Mike Stevens | Dec 23, 2011

Easy come, easy go. Truck-driving Utah native David Dopp won himself a Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster this week. No plans to keep it, of course, with the insurance and first maintenance bill likely to require a second mortgage.

Showing wisdom beyond his 34 years, Dopp figured he'd sell the US$380,000 supercar and put the money towards his family's future.

Unfortunately, Dopp was overcome with the urge to take one quick spin before taking out a classifieds ad (who can blame him?), and that's when it all came undone.

Six hours after picking up the keys, Dopp took the kids out for a fang in the open-top Lambo. An encounter with a spot of black ice however was all it took to put the car in a spin, sending the family over a gutter and through a fence.

The police report shows that nobody was hurt, and damage to the car was limited to some scratches, a ruptured oil pan and a punctured tyre.

Apart from Dopp's lack of experience wielding a V12-engined supercar a few dozen times lighter than his truck, the Roadster's summer tyres were determined to be a major factor in the cause of the incident.

There's no mention of whether Dopp was speeding.

Dopp says he won't bother fixing the car, he'll just put it up for sale and see what he can get for it. Fair enough.

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