BMW Whips Out Second X6 Diesel Teaser Video

Mike Stevens | Dec 19, 2011

BMW has unleashed a second teaser video for its next hi-po X6 SUV variant. Details remain under wraps for now, but it is expected that the new model will have a high-powered diesel heart.

The clip features comments from global sales boss Brian Watts and sales director Thomas Schemera. Neither offer any specific data, but there's no shortage of hyperbole to be had.

"This is a new kind of car. On every road, you feel like you're on a race track," Watts offers. "Direct response that exceeds your expectations. Every street becomes a track. You don't fear stopping, because you know you can take off again. It deserves the M badge."

Oh dear. Still, if this hot new X6 lives up to the BMW-driven hype, it should make for a handsome companion for the existing X6 M.

It is believed that the new variant will wear the X6 M550d badge, with motivation coming from a triple-turbo six-cylinder 3.0 litre diesel, churning out 373kW and more than 800Nm of torque.

By comparison, the X6 M delivers 408kW and 680Nm, while the most powerful diesel variant - the xDrive40d - offers 225kW and 600Nm.

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