Toyota Moving On Supra Project: Report

Mike Stevens | Dec 14, 2011

Toyota is reportedly closer than ever to bringing the Supra name back to showrooms. This follows news from Honda that a new NSX is in the works.

Perhaps the launch of its new 86 coupe has inspired the slumbering giant to pick through its back-catalogue of sporting cars - the thumping Supra is certainly a logical starting point.

Nissan's GT-R currently stands alone as Japan's pre-eminent sports car; this will not have passed unnoticed by Toyota's track-mad CEO Akio Toyoda.

According to a report in the US' MotorTrend this week, a blackbag project is underway to develop a hybrid-powered coupe that will utilise a 3.5 litre V6 engine and an electric motor arrangement - likely sourced from the new Lexus GS - to develop over 300kW.

That's 100kW short of the GT-R, but if Toyota can keep the car's weight down - as it has managed with the 147kW 86 coupe - the on-road difference could be slight.

In reality (don't start hyperventilating yet), a showroom revival for the Supra will likely hang on the success of the 86, meaning that it will be past 2015 before we see anything more than a concept.

[gallery Supra renderings courtesy of Bullfinch Design]

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