Volvo P1800 Re-imagined, No Production Debut On The Cards

Mike Stevens | Dec 12, 2011

This is the new Volvo P1800. At least, that's what we'd be saying if it weren't purely the stuff of dreams, crafted digitally by Volvo design boss Chris Benjamin.

Sketched out to honour the 50th anniversary of Volvo's beloved sports car, the 'new' P1800 offers a look at what Benjamin sees in a next-generation Volvo coupe - although his bosses have been clear that there are no plans on that front.

The concept is the result of an online chat organised by Volvo, which saw Benjamin take suggestions from the brand's fans on what the faithful would most like to see in the future.

While the sleek and modern coupe sketch shares only a few styling traits with its forebear, the standout points of familiarity include the swooping character line along the top of the doors, and the horizontal taillight design.

Don't expect to see this one on the road anytime soon, but it should be enough to get the brand's followers beating out a few emails to head office.

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