HSV ClubSport R8 SV-R Rolled Out For Queensland Police Patrols

Mike Stevens | Dec 6, 2011

Here's an HSV you can't have: the ClubSport R8 Special Vehicle Response, or SV-R for short, and it's been put together especially for the Queensland Police Service.

Power for the 6.2 litre V8-powered ClubSport R8 SV-R has been boosted to a GTS-matching 325kW and 550Nm of torque, and while HSV is keeping mum on the specifics, it says there is also an exclusive and unique suspension package tucked underneath.

“Our engineers worked closely with the Queensland Police Fleet Management Branch to get a clear appreciation of their critical safety and operational requirements” Darren Bowler, HSV’s General Manager Sales.

“After an extensive period of evaluating their needs, and testing by the Queensland Police, the SV-R is the best possible outcome”.

Four of the yellow SV-R cars have been delivered to the Queensland Police fleet, each emblazoned with the force's "Fatal 4" message: don’t drink and drive, don’t speed, don’t drive when fatigued, and always wear a seatbelt.

Now... how long until we see these high-powered SV-R cars join their turbocharged VL Commodore BT1 "Interceptor" predecessors on the private market?

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  • alwaysgunadoo says,
    4 years ago
    As all taxpayers are now paying for co2 emissions - has the government considered the environmental aspects of these vehicles? Will they do anything that a bright yellow Prius would do. Finally - will they run on e85 ethanol fuel as do the V8 super cars they are supposedly modeled on if you believe the TV hype. This obsession with the police having the fastest cars is stupid- there will always be faster cars out on the roads than these. I would love to see one of these V8s pursue a Mitsubishi Evo from Samford to Mount Glorious on a wet day! (No I don't own an EVO)
  • Horrified says,
    4 years ago
    Carbon tax offset??mad
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