Report: Honda Civic Type R Locked In, But What's Inside?

Mike Stevens | Dec 5, 2011

Reports of a next-generation Honda Civic Type R performance hatch have been cooking since well-before the international retirement of the current model.

All signs point to "yes" on the car's comeback, but exactly what we can expect to find under its skin is unclear. Reports in October pointed to a 150kW+ turbocharged heart. New talk this week however suggests a 'more-of-the-same' plan is on the cards.

While the turbo talk came from Britain's Auto Express, compatriot Autocar reports that Honda R&D boss Yoshikazu Kigoshi has hinted at a naturally-aspirated 'CTR' (business as usual, there), along with a focus on handling rather than power (there also).

The report adds that Kigoshi promises unique seats, bumpers, wheels, and aerodynamic components (not much of a spoiler there).

Some markets may have other options to look forward to, however: with the CR-Z soon to get a supercharged variant in the UK, buyers in that region might be able to expect a similar treatment for the new Civic Type R.

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