2013 Honda Civic Diesel Confirmed For Australia, Odyssey Update Next Week

Mike Stevens | Nov 24, 2011

UPDATE: This article originally described a March 2012 launch for the new Civic Hatch. This is incorrect. The new Civic Sedan will arrive in March, and the Hatch will follow at a later date.

News out of today's Honda CR-Z Australia launch (update: click here for our review) is that the all-new 2012 Civic Sedan will make its Australian debut in March, with the new Civic Hatch to follow at a later date.

With the recent floods in Thailand wreaking havoc with Honda's operations there, the carmaker has also confirmed that 2012 versions of the Civic Sedan will be sourced from Japan (the current Australian-delivered Sedan is built in Thailand).

The big news today however is that a diesel variant will at last join the local Hatch line-up.

Confirming the news today, Honda representatives told TMR that while the Hatch will initially launch with a petrol engine (likely the 104kW 6.3 l/100km 1.8 offered in Europe), the diesel engine will follow in early 2013.

"We recognize (that the) market demand for other fuel options like diesel is significant," Honda Australia Director Stephen Collins said today.

With the five-door Civic Hatch sourced from Europe, the diesel engine is expected to be the updated 2.2 litre i-DTEC four-cylinder engine offered in that market.

The revised engine will deliver 119kW and 350Nm of torque, with fuel consumption figures listed at around 4.7 l/100km (local figures might vary).

A brand-new 1.6 litre diesel is expected to slot in beneath the 2.2 litre engine, although this unit is not expected to come to Australia.

Watch TMR for more details as they become available.

2012 Honda Odyssey Update Price Cuts, Here Next Week

Honda Australia has also confirmed that an updated 2012 Odyssey people-mover will go on sale next week, cutting prices and adding new features.

Depending on the spec, we can expect paddle gear shifters behind the steering wheel, along with a rear view camera and a few modest styling tweaks.

The big news with the updated Odyssey is its new pricing: The entry-level Odyssey is now $37,100 (down $2000), and the Odyssey Luxury is $44,920 (down $1000). Both prices exclude on-road costs.

Exact details will be revealed in the coming days.

Above: The current 2011 Odyssey.
Above: The current 2011 Odyssey.

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  • D B Smith says,
    3 years ago
    Great to see Honda Australia "recognize (that the) market demand for other fuel options like diesel is significant." Pity the lead in their, and Honda NZ's, pants didn't allow then to recognise reality about 7 years ago when the Civic hatch was dropped in NZ (Aus?) and the (then) new model Euro hatch diesel was widely acknowledged in the northern hemisphere as simply the "bee's knees." Instead we got the lead (now lithium ion) whales and (in NZ) the sales pitch that "oh no, no diesel, Honda are dropping diesels to concentrate on their hybrids" (lead whales). With myopic management and sales staff knee deep in their own bulls-hit it's no wonder they're having to drop prices on both sides of the ditch. 45 years of Hondas starting with the Cub stepthrough and I've slowly gone from slavish devotion to a vibrant technology leader to continual disappointment at the often bland, very little point of difference, 'designed on the same computer as all the other Japanese cars', dullard models they dump on this end of the world. Must be time for a change.
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