Next Subaru WRX Lighter, More Powerful And Still All-paw: Report

Mike Stevens | Nov 21, 2011

Subaru's WRX and its STI variant are soon to be split from the Impreza line, but, other than that knowledge, it has been unclear what the future holds for either model.

New reports from the LA Auto Show this week however may have cleared some fog from the forecast, with Subaru officials reportedly settling a few of the bigger concerns.

According to US magazine Car & Driver, a turbocharged version of the new FB boxer engine will provide motivation, with power expected to exceed the 195kW and 221kW outputs of the current models.

The new dedicated platform will result in a much lower kerb-weight, delivering improved handling and a better power-to-weight ratio. We can likely also expect a lower centre of gravity - a major selling point for the upcoming BRZ rear-wheel-drive coupe.

It is also believed that Subaru is considering a return to the World Rally Championship. Sources describes a new WRX that has been developed from the ground-up in a plan to reclaim Subaru's rally dominance.

The new WRX isn't expected to arrive on the scene for another couple of years. If you're in the market for a performance Suby, your options remain the current-generation model, or the BRZ - if Subaru Australia decides to bring it in.

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