Jaguar XKR-S Going Topless For Los Angeles Auto Show

Mike Stevens | Nov 11, 2011

Jaguar's XKR-S hero car will make its debut in convertible form at next week's Los Angeles Auto Show, the British carmaker has confirmed.

Images for the topless supersports haven't been released, but if you can picture the XKR Convertible with the XKR-S' wild body tweaks, you're halfway there.

Power for the XKR-S Convertible will be provided by the same 410kW and 680Nm supercharged 5.0 litre V8 that motivates the Coupe, and its 0-100km/h time should be very close to the hardtop's 4.4 seconds.

Expect the same Adaptive Dynamics handling system, lightweight alloy wheels and aerodynamics tweaks.

There's nothing else to know at this point, but if you need your appetite sated, read our review of the 2011 XKR-S Coupe.

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