Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid Bound For Tokyo Motor Show

Mike Stevens | Nov 10, 2011

The electric and hybrid onslaught continues this week with the online reveal of Suzuki's Swift EV Hybrid concept.

Suzuki says the Swift EV Hybrid is strictly a concept, although reports in the Japanese media suggest the little hybridised electric hatch could hit the market sometime in 2013.

The Swift EV is driven by a system similar to the Chevrolet Volt, motivated first by an electric motor and backed up by a small range-extending petrol engine.

In pure electric mode, the Swift EV offers a driving range of around 30km - tiny when compared to the Nissan Leaf's 160km, but with city driving as its main focus, it's enough to get through a regular day.

2011 suzuki swift ev hybrid concept 04

When the batteries begin to run low, the petrol engine will kick in to give them a boost.

Specific power figures haven't been released, but the Swift EV Hybrid's could be similar to the Swift Plug-in Concept that appeared at Tokyo in 2009. That concept was driven by a 55kW electric motor, with a petrol engine as backup.

On the styling front, the Swift EV Hybrid carries most of its petrol-powered sibling's features, while adding the usual range of futuristic tweaks: LED lights front and back, covered grille and wheels, and a revamped interior with two large digital screens.

Watch for more details to be released at the Tokyo Motor Show next month.

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