Nissan NV350 Van Revealed, Australian Debut Unlikely

Mike Stevens | Nov 9, 2011

UPDATE: Nissan Australia comments added.

Nissan's new NV350 van will debut in Tokyo next month, entering the brand's light commercial range above the NV200 revealed in 2009.

Nissan says the NV350 offers room enough to carry items up to three metres long. That's 200mm more space than the current overseas model, and it makes for a slight edge over the Toyota HiAce LWB's 2930mm-long cargo area.

Mechnical and powertrain details have not been offered yet, but Nissan promises segment-leading fuel consumption figures in both petrol and diesel models. Renault's 88kW and 300Nm turbodiesel engine could be on the cards.

In the cabin, Nissan has relocated the gear shift level to the dashboard, and the parking brake has been moved to the floor. There's also a multifunction display in the centre stack, and a reversing camera will feature as an optional extra.

Nissan says the NV350 is also the world's first commercial vehicle to feature a keyless push-button ignition system.

"The NV350 offers a variety of amenities that are unusual in this vehicle class," Hideto Murakami, Corporate Vice President of Nissan's LCV Business Unit, said.

“Superior fuel economy projects the NV350 to be the segment leader and the customizable cargo area can be adapted to different needs. I am confident, whether for business and personal use, the NV350 will exceed expectations."


Speaking with TMR today, Nissan Australia's Jeff Fisher said that an Australian debut for the NV350 is not planned at this stage.

"It's not on the radar right now. The van market here is too small and competitive, with limited returns," Mr Fisher said.

The smaller NV200 could be on the cards, however: "We are keeping an open mind about the NV200," he added.

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  • Rich says,
    3 years ago
    What a joke… Dan Thompson should be fired. Honestly!
    What I really hate about Nissan at the moment is that we have to wait ages before we get any decent cars, then when we do get it here to buy, it’s no longer an innovative or modern car.
    To wait 3, 4, 5 & 6 years to bring a model to Australia after it’s been released worldwide, and try to pass these off as the best of Nissan is inexcusable!
    Dan Thompson says that he will only bring the best of Nissan innovation to the Australian market to be competitive, is utter nonsense.
    Case in point was the released 2009 Juke: 1.6L & 140Kw funky little car which has exceeded all sales expectation overseas, torque vectoring vehicle stability, and still more advanced engine than anything Nissan has to offer.
    Still adamant and quoted as saying that he wants innovative car’s for Australia, but to not bring the NV200 the 2010 world Van of the year (or the chosen N.Y Cab, London taxi), voted as the best van for that year because of its innovation low floor loading, fuel economy, ergonomics and use of space? Really Dan!!!! What the hell?
    You want to make this van innovative? This van already has a 1.6L Diesel. Bring it out with the new 1.6L diesel on the Dualis with a 1400klm range?
    I will die in shock if I saw it here with it!
    Will we see the Nissan Van range here anytime soon? Forget it, we won’t see the NV350 or the NV400, for a while.

    Don’t even get me started on the recently released Infinity range which is all mostly all 6 years old!

    When will we see last year’s JX infinity? Probably not for 3 to 4 years I would think if past releases are any experience.
    By the way is there any news on the replacement to the 2006 FX?

    It’s crazy not to bring these cars in, even in very small numbers.
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