BMW M Division Wants Own Supercar: Report

Tony O'Kane | Oct 24, 2011

Not since the M1 has BMW had its own supercar, but it appears that within the German company there's plenty of enthusiasm for an ultra-high performance vehicle wearing the blue and white roundel.

According to American outlet Inside Line, BMW's head of product development Albert Biermann says that BMW's M division is champing at the bit to create a supercar of its own.

Responsible for hotted-up versions of regular road-going cars like the M3, M5, X6 M and 1M, the M division now wants to follow in the footsteps of its compatriot, AMG, and build a vehicle capable of competing with the SLS AMG, Audi R8 and Lexus LFA.

Whether it's allowed to do so is another matter, with Biermann saying that a sound business case for a BMW-badged supercar has yet to be put forth.

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  • Godspeed says,
    4 years ago
    It would definitely make sense; I mean, out of the four car companies Mercedes, Lexus, Audi and BMW, the latter is without doubt responsible for the most sporting and enthusiast-targeted cars for decades. And yet it's the only one without a dedicated (non-sedan-based) sports car.

    If it looks like the M1 Hommage, it'll be a winner. Just hope its launch doesn't coincide with further global financial collapse, a bit like the 8 series or Honda NSX.
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