Volkswagen Polo R-Line Kit Introduced In Europe

Mike Stevens | Oct 14, 2011

If the Polo GTI's somewhat soft styling is too understated for you, Volkswagen HQ has sent out something of a solution: the Polo R-Line styling kit.

Debuting in Europe this week, the latest package in Volkswagen's wider R-Line styling catalogue is technically available only with the Euro-market Polo's Comfortline and Highline variants.

Still, we reckon you could wrangle that front bumper for your GTI if you tried.

volkswagen polo r line europe 02

Along with the tougher front bumper, the Polo R-Line exterior pack offers 16 or 17-inch alloy wheels, a Golf R-style glossy black grille and R badge, and a faux diffuser at the rear with a single chromed exhaust tip.

There's also a top-mounted spoiler and side skirts.

Add the R-Line Plus pack and you get a host of interior tweaks, including Alcantara or leather sports seat options, a leather-wrapped sports steering wheel (likely from the GTI), gloss-black dash highlights, aluminium pedals and door sills, and a black roof lining.

It's not the Polo R you've been hoping for, but that may still be on the cards...


Whether the Polo R-Line styling kit will make its way to our shores is unclear.

Volkswagen's local arm has yet to offer any of the brand's existing R-Line packages; apparently there's potential for confusion between these styling options and the performance-oriented R badge.

Above: what we reckon the Polo R could look like, if it ever arrives...
Above: what we reckon the Polo R could look like, if it ever arrives...

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  • super matthew
    Super Mattthew says,
    4 years ago
    Pfft. "Confusion" hasn't been a problem for the BMW M Sport, Lexus F Sport, Mercedes AMG Sports or even Audi's S-Line packages - and that's a Volkswagen brand! So...
  • DM says,
    4 years ago
    um... so call it something else. Confusion solved.
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