Mike Stevens | Oct 6, 2011

From the outside, Nissan's new NSH-2012 "Smart House" may seem better-suited to a life on the Lunar surface. Between its weather-resistant polyhedral walls however is the technology drawing energy from Nissan's Leaf electric vehicle.

Utilising the same Leaf-to-house technology that powers the recently-revealed concept home outside Nissan headquarters, the NSH-2012 draws electricity from the Leaf's batteries through the car's regular quick-charge port.

Rated for 6kW, the unit is operated via a 200V single-phase three-wire AC input. Developed for emergency situations, Nissan says the system will withstand the battering of heavy weather and will provide power for two days via a fully-charged Leaf.

“This home can maintain stable in-house power supply that is not affected by weather, and can rely on solar power and power stored in an EV’s batteries if power is cut off during a disaster,” Nissan says.

The main polyhedral room features a monocoque structure inspired by the design of aircraft. The outer panel of the main body is also subjected to structural stress.

The unveiling of the NSH-2012 comes as a new energy-conscious 'setsuden' (conserve energy) campaign sweeps Japan in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

"Public support is strong for setsuden mostly because they fear power blackouts of the type caused by the disastrous Fukushima nuclear accident," Kazuko Sato, of the Soft Energy Project non-government organisation, said.

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