Mike Stevens | Oct 6, 2011

The Toyota name, badge and reputation adds up to the world's most valuable automotive brand, according to a new report by consultancy Interbrand.

Rather than ranking brands on sales alone, the Best Global Brands report analyses financial performance, the brand's role in purchase decisions and its ability to bring earnings for the company.

Taking 11th place overall, behind the likes of Apple (8) and Coca Cola (1), the report says that Toyota increased its overall brand value by six percent in 2011.

"Even though Toyota faced both an internal crisis (quality control problems in 2010) and an external crisis (Japan's earthquake), it forged ahead by focusing on safety and quality, modifying its leadership structure and capitalising on its world-renown green efforts," the report reads.

The release of the Interbrand report follows a BrandZ report in May that ranked Toyota at number one, ahead of BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Nissan, Japan's second biggest carmaker, returned to the Best Global Brands list this year for the first time since 2007, ranked 90th overall.

"Nissan was able to restock inventories faster than its competitors immediately following the earthquake that devastated Japan last March," the report reads.

"In doing so, Nissan proved to be resilient during a difficult time for both the company and its home country -- and managed to increase its brand value as a result."

In total, 12 automotive brands appeared in the Best Global Brands top 100. Toyota led the way with an estimated brand value of US$27.764bn, followed by Mercedes-Benz in second place with a value of US$27.445bn.

The remaining automotive brands were BMW (US$24.554bn), Honda (US$19.431bn), Volkswagen (US$8.857bn), Ford (US$7.483bn), Audi (US$6.171bn), Hyundai (US$6.005bn), Porsche (US$4.580bn), Nissan (US$3.819bn) and Ferrari (US$3.591bn).

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