Mike Stevens | Sep 28, 2011

A decision on the Bugatti Galibier concept's production future is expected to be made later this year, and a possible redesign has been mooted by the CEO Wolfgang Durheimer.

Speaking with the British press this week, Durheimer confirmed that Bugatti will present plans for a production Galibier to the brand's bosses at Volkswagen, with a 2013 debut on the cards.

Durheimer added that the Galibier will undergo significant design changes to the concept revealed in 2009, with most of the design team's attention focused on the big four-door coupe's rear-end.

"“The design will be different, especially from the B-pillar back, the ingress and regress to the rear seats will be improved, as will the legroom and ergonomics, the car will be a little longer," Durheimer told Autocar magazine.

“You will still recognize the design from the concept, but now this is a design I can be 100% behind.”

bugatti galibier 16c concept black 18

As for power figures, the Italian brand's German boss promised an output of "at least four figures".

A source within Volkswagen has reportedly confirmed that the big Bugatti will feature all-wheel drive, drawing power from the same twin-turbo W16 that drives the concept version.

Full specifications for the Galibier concept have never been revealed, although the Veyron's seven-speed DSG transmission is believed to have been swapped out for an eight-speed automatic.

Volkswagen and Bugatti have yet to offer an official statement on the future of the Galibier, but reports claim that it will be priced at around 1 million euros (AU$1.37m) when it launches.

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