Audi Australia Adds DAB+ Digital Radio To Options List

Mike Stevens | Sep 26, 2011

First it was BMW in May, and now Audi is embracing Australia's rapidly growing digital radio market. DAB+ allows users to view slideshows of album art covers, track and artist listings, weather, news and traffic reports.

Giving buyers access to around 21 digital stations beyond Australia's regular FM and AM stations, the technology is offered as standard with the A8 4.2 FSI and 4.2 TDI, and as a $7500 option with the A8 3.0 TDI.

The package includes digital radio DAB+ and digital TV, combined with a BOSE Surround Sound system. Versions of the package are also available as a $3130 option for the A6 sedan and wagon, and for $3180 with the A7 four-door coupe.

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