Mike Stevens | Sep 21, 2011

One of Frankfurt's more out-there unveilings this week could also be the next to hit showrooms, with reports that Opel is exploring production opportunities for its RAK e electric vehicle concept.

Described as an ideal choice for younger drivers "and those on a very tight budget," the RAK e is designed to carry two occupants in a tandem layout.

Power for the RAK e is provided by a 37kW electric motor, with a city-minded driving range of 100 kilometres off one charge from its 5kWh battery pack.

Technically a concept for now, Opel will soon begin peddling (not pedalling) the RAK e as a potential urban commuting solution for the European market - and beyond.

"We want to show it to a few governments and see if they're serious about EVs," Opel boss Nick Reilly told Britains Autocar this week.

Despite its unorthodox style, a showroom future for the RAK e is not hard to imagine, with production necessities forming a major part of the concept's development program.

According to Opel, what we can see here is just-about ready to roll - but there's still some fine-tuning to be done.

"We've got to work on costs; we've got to refine it and do it right," Reilly added.

We'd bet those massive wheels and rim-mounted brake discs won't come standard with the entry-level variant...

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