Mike Stevens | May 1, 2012


Rimac's Concept One, the all-electric brainchild of 23 year-old entrepreneur Mate Rimac, is now on sale in Europe. Limited to just 88 cars, the supercar will wear a €742,000 price tag.

That's not quite Enzo, Veyron or One-77 money, but it's up there with today's most expensive supercars - and around twice the price of Lamborghini's Aventador.

The high sticker price is unlikely to deter the usual collectors however, and its ultra-exclusive availability and unique powertrain should make the Concept_One a fast seller.

About the Concept_One

To build the Concept_One, Rimac Automobili recruited a group of ex-Pininfarina engineers and designer Adriano Mudri to its Zagreb headquarters, tasked with creating what it describes as the world's first electric supercar.

Power for the Concept_One is provided by four electric motors - two at each axle - delivering 800kW and 3800Nm of torque. Energy is provided by a sizeable 92kWh battery pack.

rimac one concept teaser 02

At 1650kg, it's lighter than the Bugatti Veyron and heavier than the Pagani Huayra - two of its more obvious rivals for outright power.

With a 0-100km/h time of 2.8 seconds, it's a hair slower than the former (2.46), and a touch quicker than the latter (3.2).

Top speed is listed at 305km/h - not shabby, but well short of the Veyron's 408km/h and the Huayra's 370km/h limits.

Rimac opened the order books on the Concept_One this week at the Top Marques event in Monaco.

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