Renault Introduces Free 3-years Scheduled Servicing Programme

Mike Stevens | Sep 8, 2011

Renault Australia has announced a new three-year free scheduled servicing programme, on the heels of the renewed low-interest finance offer for vehicles bought in July and August.

The new offer also follows the release of survey figures from market research group Roy Morgan that saw Renault top the list of satisfied buyers of European cars in Australia.

Available for September and October only, the three-year free scheduled servicing programme is available for the brand-new Fluence and Latitude models, and the Megane Hatch.

Renault's low-interest finance offer remains an option for the above models, available at 2.9 percent.

Buyers of Renault's light-commercial vehicles are also looked after, with the Kangoo, Trafic and the upcoming Master also eligible for the three-year free scheduled servicing. For these models, Renault's 3.9 percent interest rate continues as an option for financing.

Renault has also extended the warranty period on light-commercial vehicles purchased after September 1 to three years / 200,000km.

“By having their vehicle serviced by an authorised Renault dealer, customers ensure that only genuine and approved Renault parts will be fitted, assuring the on-going reliability and durability of the vehicle," Renault Australia MD Justin Hocevar said.

“That’s not only good for peace-of-mind but also protecting the resale value for the first owner and providing additional assurance for the second owner that only authorised Renault technicians have serviced the vehicle."

As with any new car purchase and the deals that go with it, Renault's new offer has a number of terms and conditions to be mindful of. Get the fully skinny at

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  • cyclone says,
    4 years ago
    All Renault need now are some dealers to sell and service these cars.
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